MarVi mallets for Glockenspiel have rattan or wooden handles, total lenght 32-33cm.


Fenolic resin head. Cristalline, well-defined and full-bodied sound. Ideals in orchestra, expecially for Puccini. ø: 25mm

50.00 €


Nylon heads. Light and agile mallets. Sharp and well defined sound. Ideals for students. ø: 25mm

40.00 €


Hard plastic head. Suitable also on xylophone. Brilliant and round sound. Ideals both to play in chamber ensemble as well as in orchestra. ø: 25mm

45.00 €


Small hard plastic head Light and agile mallets. Ideals to play in small ensembles. ø: 20mm.

40.00 €


Brass head, ø 12mm. Wooden handles. Thin and light mallets. Ideals to play in small chamber ensembles. 

40.00 €


Brass head, ø 16mm. Brilliant and agile mallets, perfectly balanced.  Ideals to play in orchestra.

45.00 €


Brass Head, ø 18mm. Heavy-head mallets, big quantity of sounds. Ideals to play in large orchestras.

45.00 €

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